Saturday, January 28, 2012

Patience's Work


Read about history in the following resource:

Boys and Girls of Colonial Days p.11-14

Key Idea: Percival and his mother were home alone while his father was in Boston. Percival’s mother was worried about the Indians.

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Proverbs 12:24

Key idea: Percival worked diligently to learn his lessons. He hoped to earn a red ribbon of merit. Lazy students earned black ribbons.  Named some things we do diligently. And things we are slothful about.


Lesson 60 Read the days of the week. Recognized days of the week are always capitalized. Phonic storybook “Luke’s Flute”

Wrote a story about a experience.

Practiced suffixes

Service word : their
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Ribbons were given each month n Puritan schools to show how well the students had learned in their lessons. Colorful ribbons were given for good conduct. Created a ribbon.

Key idea: Percales’ mother wanted him to get a ribbon for good conduct in school. Percival had worked hard .

Spelling words

Words with the er sound.
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Read aloud the poem “Against Idleness and Mischief.”

Key idea: Read classic poetry. Discussed meaning of poem.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Patience work 1/24/2012

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Boys and Girls of Colonial Days p. 29-33

After Remember finished making soap, an Indian came to her cabin. The Indian wanted to take Remember with him. Then he saw the soap,, Instead the Indian traded 2 turkeys for the soap


John 4:10-11

Key idea: Remember was kind to the Indian. She had stored God’s words  in her heart to comfort her when she was afraid.

Gods Wonderful Works p. 6 and 9 Discussed how the Earth turns away from the sun, it looks like the sun is going down in the sky.

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Lesson 56

Decode words with the long U sound. Compose a new ending to a story.

Review of word family cards


Spelling words with the long U sound

Math review of 6 facts

And math worksheet.

Story time

Wishbone for 20 days.

Key idea: to read a mystery.


Poetry and Rhymes

Mondays Child

Key Idea: Read Classic Poetry

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Patience Indian Blanket ( construction paper)

Patience in Social Studies today learned how the Indians weaved blankets.
I did not help her on this because it's art work. And it was supposed to be fun.
Today was her first day back from Christmas break so by the end of the four hours she wanted to do something to wind down. I love Heart of Dakota curriculum for Social Studies, Bible, Science Art because every lesson is so much fun!! And school is also supposed to be fun.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I remember...

When we were praying about taking the girls out of public school and made the choice to home school. I spent hours looking at blogs about home school. After all i only had a Associate Degree.The more I looked at them the more I fell in Love. Alot of this blog will not make much sense to someone who stumbled across it And it says Social studies page 161.

I will try to post more photo's of our Art work and experiment's. I just wanted to say if you have stumbled across the blog and the decision of home school is weighing on your heart...If your a mom it is for You and your child. You can do it. And the joy i feel everyday being with my girls is priceless. There are so many resources you can turn to if you feel your not quantified. Being a teacher to your children is the greatest gift God has given.

Patience work Jan 4


January 4, 2011


Game for review of facts

Six addition facts in notebook


Snow unit

Reading game review of phonic words


New spelling list # 13

Listening/ Story time

Humorous Story read for 20 days. Judy Moody.

Social Studies pages 168-171

Weave a Indian blanket with construction paper goes with Social studies lesson.

Simplicity' Work for Jan 4

Simplicity Work Plan

January 4, 2012

English pg 13,14

Simple compound and Complex sentences.

Prepositions pg 15, 16


Page4, page5, page 6

Social Studies

Page 9


Page 11, 12 Test

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Semester Completed....

We have completed 88 days of  School and have 80 more to go. And although I have Patience lesson plans saved in the computer I really need to take the time to upload. We are enjoying Heart of  Dakota for Social Studies. The daily Bible lessons are in twined with the lesson. The Horizon Math is awesome. Patience Phonics are coming along nicely. The quality of our time together means the world to me. I love Home schooling :)

Simplicity  has just begun home school. For English and Phonics - Bob Jones,
History- Life PAC, Math- Life PAC, Science- Life PAC. We do sign language, spanish, cooking, art. She was doing well in Public School however with much thought she wanted to Home school for this year. With our studies she attends 4 hours daily.

Cannot wait for our studies to begin for the New year.