Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Semester Completed....

We have completed 88 days of  School and have 80 more to go. And although I have Patience lesson plans saved in the computer I really need to take the time to upload. We are enjoying Heart of  Dakota for Social Studies. The daily Bible lessons are in twined with the lesson. The Horizon Math is awesome. Patience Phonics are coming along nicely. The quality of our time together means the world to me. I love Home schooling :)

Simplicity  has just begun home school. For English and Phonics - Bob Jones,
History- Life PAC, Math- Life PAC, Science- Life PAC. We do sign language, spanish, cooking, art. She was doing well in Public School however with much thought she wanted to Home school for this year. With our studies she attends 4 hours daily.

Cannot wait for our studies to begin for the New year.

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