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October 2011
I cannot believe it is already October.
I thought I would start this blog to keep a journal of our Home School life. Welcome to the Red Door School House.

For Books this year Patience’s Studies Include: Heart of Dakota Social Studies, Science, Bible Study. Bob Jones: Phonics and English. Horizons Math. For Extra fun we are learning a few signs in Sign language. And trying to learn Spanish. We have Spelling and Handwriting Also.
She is in the First Grade.

Our day begins around 8:30 And we have completed Academics by 11. And the remainder of the time is spent doing P.E., (going for a walk or playing outside), Art, Cooking, Or Music.

October 18,

We have been on Fall Break for the past week. So today is our first day back.

Heart of Dakota
Stories of the Pilgrims
Pg. 102-105
This history lesson tells a story of a little boy who often got into mischief. One afternoon he got into the ship’s powder room. He fired off a loaded musket that could have blown the ship into pieces. God was watching over the Pilgrims to keep them safe.


We did a art picture of Francis. Francis was scared when the gun powder went off. God was watching over him.

Read aloud the poem What are Heavy. The Key idea of this is to read and appreciate classic poetry.

Bible Study
Recited the verse Psalm 118:1
Discussed The meaning and how it related to the Pilgrims. Key idea: The pilgrims thanked the Lord for saving the Mayflower.

Story time
We are beginning a new Book. Little House on the Prairie. We have to finish the book in 20 days. The purpose is to teach the concept of Historical Fiction. Although many of the stories in Little house are true the book has a few tales of fiction. And was listed as Historical Fiction in the library.
I grew up watching the show and reading the books.
I believe Patience will enjoy the book.

We Review the list everyday.
And Test is usually on Friday.

Lesson 18.
Vertical addition, the number that comes after 2.
Reading the hour hand on the clock. Word problems and counting by 6. Reviewed our daily facts. Addition facts 1-9.

Reviewing sight words,
Lesson 35
Decode words initial and final Sh sound.

Adding the sound Es to verbs
Generate ideas before writing a sentence.
Learning the colors

Patience learned the sign for Healthy.

Psychical Education
We walk a mile daily.
Sometimes 2 and half depending on weather.

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