Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Patience work 1/24/2012

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Boys and Girls of Colonial Days p. 29-33

After Remember finished making soap, an Indian came to her cabin. The Indian wanted to take Remember with him. Then he saw the soap,, Instead the Indian traded 2 turkeys for the soap


John 4:10-11

Key idea: Remember was kind to the Indian. She had stored God’s words  in her heart to comfort her when she was afraid.

Gods Wonderful Works p. 6 and 9 Discussed how the Earth turns away from the sun, it looks like the sun is going down in the sky.

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Lesson 56

Decode words with the long U sound. Compose a new ending to a story.

Review of word family cards


Spelling words with the long U sound

Math review of 6 facts

And math worksheet.

Story time

Wishbone for 20 days.

Key idea: to read a mystery.


Poetry and Rhymes

Mondays Child

Key Idea: Read Classic Poetry

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