Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I remember...

When we were praying about taking the girls out of public school and made the choice to home school. I spent hours looking at blogs about home school. After all i only had a Associate Degree.The more I looked at them the more I fell in Love. Alot of this blog will not make much sense to someone who stumbled across it And it says Social studies page 161.

I will try to post more photo's of our Art work and experiment's. I just wanted to say if you have stumbled across the blog and the decision of home school is weighing on your heart...If your a mom it is for You and your child. You can do it. And the joy i feel everyday being with my girls is priceless. There are so many resources you can turn to if you feel your not quantified. Being a teacher to your children is the greatest gift God has given.

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